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It's pretty simple here at Environmental Compliance Professionals: we want to be in your corner fighting for your compliance and helping you avoid costly fines for missing environmental regulatory requirements.

We'd love to visit you at your facility, but we also offer other means of assessment that can help you lower your overall cost of compliance.


Ask Us About Our Exclusive Virtual Site Assessments

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Places We've Been

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Industries We Serve

Check out some of the major industries we've been a part of!
Don't see your industry?  Ask us if we've worked with companies like yours before.

Cement, Concrete, Ready Mix, Batch Plants

Concrete Product & Cement Manufacturers

Cement Producers

Ready-Mix Providers

Batch Plants

Specialty Products

Generic Products

New Construction, Lot Development, Land Acquisition, Site Storage, Runoff Management

Construction & Earth-moving Contractors

New Construction
Lot Development
Site Storage

Runoff Management

Mining Operations, Minerals, Aggregates, Open-Pit Mining, Underground Mining

Natural Resources



Natural Gas

Distribution Networks

Maintenance and Service Industries, Heavy Equipment, Light Vehicles, Automotive Repair and Maintenance Shops

Maintenance & Service Industries

Heavy Equipment

Light Equipment

Automotive Repair Shops

Emergency Clean Up

Recycling Facilities

Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Preservatives, Additives, Injection Molding, Extrusion

Chemical & Plastics Production Facilities



Injection Molding


Metalworking, Structural Steel, Automotive Manufacturing and Assembly, Specialty Components, Custom Fabrication, Electronics

Metalworkers & Milling/Machine Shops




Mass Produced Components


Sat on the Rocks

Who we are

Environmental Compliance Professionals (ECP) was founded in 2018 by an alumnus of Missouri University of Science & Technology, a nationally-renowned engineering university in the United States.  Since then we've expanded from one person to a team with over 22 years of experience.  We’ve had the privilege of performing professional environmental assessments and permitting work for numerous clients ranging from small specialized businesses to common service provider mega-corporations.  E-C-Pros has also participated in uniquely fascinating initiatives centered on the most modern environmental concerns such as PFAS site-specific investigations and remediation, air modeling aligned with the newly promulgated Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR), in-situ phytoremediation, multi-stage retention basin water treatment, and innovative plastics recycling and recovery design.

🌎Our straightforward mission:  to assist both small and large businesses in achieving regulatory compliance.🌎


We do this by providing formal exemptions or permit coverage within the industrial contexts where their operations take place.  Additionally, we offer ongoing compliance assistance to help businesses maintain responsible growth.  Unlike larger environmental firms that must burden small businesses with excess costs, ECP takes a different approach.


We help clients realize substantial monetary gains by providing streamlined services such as: 

  • Permits & Permit Determinations (initial review; construction; operating)

  • Environmental site assessments (EIS; Phase I & Phase II; NEPA)

  • Engineering solutions (CEMS; APC devices; wastewater treatment; watershed & erosion control)

  • Tailored best management practices (storage; operations; controls)

  • Strategic business services/environmental investigations

  • Facility-level training (SWPPP; Haz Waste; Method 22; sample collection/management)

  • Ongoing monitoring and reporting (inspections; TRI & EIQ)

  • Benchmark and recurring sampling (outfall & process stream)

  • Development of complete modular waste and recycling programs (R3)

  • Conducting third party audits (environmental & full-scope EHS)

  • Building organization-wide audit programs (environmental & full-scope EHS)


The bottom line:  personalized service can be both professional and affordable.  One key difference is that we transparently include permit authorizations and other "hidden" costs in our project budgets from the outset.  This way, our clients are well-prepared and informed of the complete financial investment.  If ECP determines that your business is legally exempt from permitting or compliance requirements, we’ll provide written confirmation, and you won’t incur those unnecessary costs.

Feel free to explore our Cost Guide if you'd like to better plan and prepare for common environmental services and compliance requirements before you reach out to us for help.

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